Monday Cruises

Jason Leigh spiff at
Sun Jun 11 20:43:34 CDT 2000

The script from EVL is as follows.

15 mins - Dan Sandin speaks with remote control powerpoint slides.

5 mins - CAVERNsoft Education demo of collaborative interaction between EVL
CAVE and Simulator. Simulator image will be sent to AG. Image will show a 3D
pumping heart.

5 mins - CAVERNsoft Crayoland demo. Crayoland person in the EVL CAVE will
interact with PC Crayoland clients on AG. Hence video is not streamed over
AG. Each AG node will run their own client and connect back to EVL.

5 mins - questions

Audio Setup

During the demos we will have Dan's voice going into the EVL CAVE and to the
AG. So Dan can instruct the demo as it goes along. The person in the EVL
CAVE can be heard by Dan and over the AG.
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> We will have two cruises on Monday.  In the morning, we want to simulate
> the situation of two simultaneous sessions for the tutorials.  We
> will use
> the Wednesday morning agenda at:
> Since Leslie Southern will be at the PACS meeting, I am asking
> Troy Baer to
> serve as the producer in the Fishbowl.  We will start at 10 AM EDT with
> sound tests and try to get the trial session underway by 10:30.
> We will go
> until around 11:00 or 11:15 using the time to troubleshoot any
> problems in
> either of the rooms.
> For the afternoon cruise, I would like to start at 2 PM EDT in Room 10 at
> Fawcett (the large room).  We will use the staff that will start
> on Tuesday
> afternoon in that room to practice a session.  Aside from the
> setup, there
> are two additional things to rehearse:
> (
> A script for using the shared virtual environment from EVL (hopefully
> forthcoming by tomorrow AM)
> Using VNC from NCSA for John Towns presentation (hopefully a new
> setup file
> by Monday AM).
> About 30 minutes on each should suffice.  We will then use the
> rest of the
> afternoon to do room cleanup and any final equipment patching.
> See you tomorrow
> Steven I. Gordon
> Ohio Supercomputer Center
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