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Mary Fritsch fritsch at
Thu Jun 1 14:27:46 CDT 2000


T H A N K S  to all the sites that provided a snapshot or image of their AG
Node Spaces a while back.

I just thought I would ask one last time for just one image if possible of
those nodes that are now operational.  I know many of you recently finished
building your rooms, etc... so if anyone would like to send just an image or
two representing their spaces - please send them to me at your convenience.  It
would be great to have the ag spaces webpage complete for Chautauquas 2000, and
it will give all newcomers ideas for their nodes.

Check out "AG Spaces" to see if you need to respond.
Also, an FYI that a list of all current and pending sites with AG nodes is now
available under the "AG Milestones".

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