Downloading files for KU chautauqua

Kyle Camarda kyle at
Sun Jul 30 15:10:17 CDT 2000

Hello All,

   I wanted to let all the remote sites for the Chautauqua know that the
Powerpoint slide files and the VNC and IP/TV configuration files are still
in the process of being downloaded to the technical agenda page on our 

We expect that all the sites will simply point their DPPT clients to the
appropriate URL during Chautauqua.  This will help us since some of the
presenter's slides may not be uploaded until just before the talk, and
some presenters may alter the slides currently linked there.  As for the
VNC and IP/TV configuration files, the final versions of those should be
up on the website by mid-morning on Monday the 31st, so that the remote
sites can install and test them.  Thank you very much, and we are looking
forward to seeing you all for testing Monday if possible (Lucky Lab room),
and Tuesday morning for the final audio check.  

Kyle Camarda
KU Chautauqua Producer
camarda at

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