access <-> sdsc ip multicast

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Absolutely necessary! I will check with Texas. Bob

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Subject: Re: access <-> sdsc ip multicast

would you like to fully test this today with
isdn from texas and ppt? 

I can be reached at 703-477-5948

At 11:14 PM 7/27/00 -0500, Patrick Dorn wrote:
   >after some minor tweaks this evening, i believe we have full multicast
   >connectivity between ACCESS and SDSC. if that does not appear to be the
   >case friday morning please contact me asap at the number below or my
   >cell, 217-898-5387.
   >thanks to bill nickless for his troubleshooting help.
   >patrick dorn
   >dorn at                           network engineer
   >217.244.3319                                 ncsa network development

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