Event Server

Tony Lavoie lavoie at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Jul 26 16:01:07 CDT 2000

I'm not the authority on it, but I believe you're mostly right on how it
works. I might not be reading you right though. :)

Besides the event server on the display machine, there's also the display
resource manager on the display machine, the audio resource manager
(arm-eventlistener) on the audio machine, and video resource manager
(vrm-eventlistener) on video capture machine. All those *rm's get started
after the event listener. Though, when roaming through the virtual venue
rooms via the venues.accessgrid.org/AG pages, that'll start two other
small netscape windows whose content is associated with the mud.exe and
sdp.exe in agapps/helpers/. So those resource managers are things that you
start after event server, and then the virtual venues web pages will tell
those things what mcast addy to tune in to automagically.

And if that doesn't help, this is the place to ask. (afaik)

-Tony, node-op who claims only to drive the thing.

On Wed, 26 Jul 2000, Patrick Toomey wrote:

>     I just recently got Motorola Labs' node up and running.  The only
> problem I am having is with the event server. It is my impression that
> the event server running on the display machine is supposed to activate
> the waiting audio/video capture machines once you join a room, such as
> Lucky Labrador.  When I join a room I have to start the audio and video
> capture machine sepearately.  If anyone might provide some assistance I
> would appreciat it.  Also, this is my first post to the ag-tech
> mailinglist.  If there is a different list where this question is more
> appropriate just let me know.  Thanks in advance.
> Patrick Toomey
> Motorola Labs

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