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Subject: Re: More UIUC AG node stuff
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Eric -- NCSA has been having some local multicast problems over the past few
days, but nothing that sounds like what you describe.  Of course, Jon and I
usually don't have a vic window open, so we wouldn't have noticed it.

This is the kind of things that the Argonne moo is great for.  You can ask
while the problem is going on if others are seeing it and get the problem
better isolated than you generally are able to by yourself.  
(Maybe you've actually been on the moo.  I've been getting ready for a trip
and haven't been paying that much attention this week.)

On Wed, Jul 26, 2000 at 09:35:35AM -0500, Eric Shaffer wrote:
> George -- Thanks for the info about the telephone interface. It looks to
> be compatible with our mixer & echo cancelling units.
> I was wondering if you guys had any problems receiving off-campus MBone
> streams in the last few days? While I get local NCSA feeds OK, stuff from
> sites like ACCESS in DC and MHPCC and elsewhere are bursty and have real
> low frame-rates. I've talked to CCSO & our local net admim people and they
> haven't found any problems yet...
> Thanks,
> Eric Shaffer
> Research Programmer
> UIUC Department of Computer Science

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