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At 05:44 PM 7/19/2000 -0700, Nancy Johnston wrote:
>In running the access grid I have some basic questions.
>1.  When you are in the Access Grid Lobby and looking at the vic display
>window you can see many video streams from lots of places.  The question
>is, is there a way to scroll around to see the various windows.  I know
>changing the "Tile" button to "Triple" or "Quad" and making the window
>bigger allows me to see more windows, but is there a scroll bar?

I'm afraid not.  The latest vic allows you to hit 5 or 6 to get 5-way or 
6-way tiling which will give you more thumbnails across the window to 
choose from.

>2.  Is there a map of the possible rooms to visit on the Mud?  I know
>about the Access Room and discovered a few more, but I will admit I got
>lost a bit.

The good news is that you can always 'walk to access' to get back to your 
home base.

The bad news is that the Waterfall Glen mud has been running for several 
years and has gone through at least two major topology re-engineerings.  As 
I type this there are 102 connections to the mud.  You can type 'parties' 
to get a list of places where people are congregating, and then 'walk to 
<place>' to stop by and say hello.

Just as in real life, some of the mud spaces are more public than 
others.  Think of it as walking through a building; some areas are like 
public break rooms, some are like offices, and so forth.  The Access Grid 
room is like a network operations center with people all focused on a 
particular activity.  The Treetop Hangout is a more relaxed atmosphere with 
people discussing things like interesting web pages and where to go to 
lunch.  We even have married people with their own private rooms--I 
wouldn't go there.  :)

If you (or anyone else reading this) would like additional characters to 
hang out in other spaces on Waterfall Glen, just say the word and I'll 
create them for you.

>     Nancy Johnston

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