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I have been conversing with Mike. I'll keep you posted on things.


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Just wondering if someone was able to respond to Mr. Pihlman's inquiry.  I
didn't see any mail regarding it, so I am just resending it FYI...

>7/14/00 |  Mike Pihlman wrote:
>Just wondering how we can become involved?
>We run the the Energy Sciences Network (ESnet) and are developing
>applications for IP based collaboration including H.323.
>Regards, Mike

>Mike Pihlman
>mikep at
>Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
>Energy Sciences Network (ESnet)
>1 Cyclotron Rd.
>Berkeley, CA 94720
>MS 50A-3111
>510-486-5855 phone
>H.323: 1*198128004058*2051

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