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more stuff on the girlTECH thing.

Panel details ========================================================

	"5-7 minutes is tops. We just
	want to give them  a quick glimpse of everyone. Then we'll have time for
	questions at the end. Reminder - panel is 3:30 Eastern."  -- c. Lanius

	So no funky jibba jabba

Tentative order of participants during panel discussion (this might be 
switched around):

San Diego - Rozanne Steckler <steckler at>, Ann Redelfs
<redelfs at>

Maui - "Cheryl N. Lawrence" <cheryl at>, Bob Dant - MHPCC Candace
Shirley - MHPCC, Leslie Wilkins - Maui Economic Development Board, Women in
Technology project, Christine Andrews - Maui Economic Development Board,
Women in
Technology project
(possible ppts)

Urbana Champaign - Andrea Van Proyen <avanproy at>, "Barbara A.
Kucera" <bkucera at>, Cristina Beldica <cbeldica at>,
Lisa Bievenue <bievenue at>


	Only if Raquell Holmes gets out of jury duty early.

Testing audio/video and PPT stuff=====================================

We will hold the event in the Lucky Lab VV room.

We should all show up an hour 9ore more) prior to the event for testing.
The event starts @ 1:30 EST so everyone in a different time zone should join


in the event a ppt slide set shows up somehow, I can host the ppt up on my 
ftp server.
Im hoping that everyone is familiar with the whole master/host thing for 


We have none.  The panel is only for an hour and a half on the grid.
Use the VV lucky lab mud for communications, Ill also be on the wfg mud too.

mkay what else am I forgetting?

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