"PIM-5-SA_ENCAP_INVALID: Bad SA" messages

Gordon Rogier grogier at greatplains.net
Tue Jul 18 10:37:11 CDT 2000

At this time, this only appears to me to be roughly "coincidental" at
best. If I do detect a more precise relationship, I will make note of it.
I just wanted to share the observation for now.  thanks.

Gordon Rogier                        grogier at greatplains.net            
Network Engineer                     785-864-0381wk 785-550-4468 cell
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On Tue, 18 Jul 2000, Tony Rimovsky wrote:
>  Update from Juniper as of 7/5/00:
> "There is no patch for this yet.  PR9236 is a low priority PR because it not
> being service affecting.  Is this causing more problems than cluttering up
> the logs?  If so, please let me know so we can re-evaluate priority level."
> Juniper described the problem as "incorrectly sending MSDP SA packet
> when a PIM null register is received."

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