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Allan Bautista abautist at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Mon Jul 17 10:31:03 CDT 2000

More info on the GirlTECH session going on monday next week


>Thanks to all of you for your generous help in organizing and staging the
>AAUW event.  Below are more details and questions. Notice that I have
>firmed up the time for the panel at 3:30 - 4:30 Eastern Daylight Time.
>Event Details:
>Date- July 24
>Panel Participants-
>San Diego - Rozanne Steckler, Ann Redelfs
>Maui - (Please let me know the names of who is participating from Maui)
>Urbana Champagne - Andrea Van Proyen, Lisa Bievenue (Lisa, can you confirm?)
>Boston - Raquell Holmes-Hope, hope, hope (If she gets off jury duty in time.)
>Panel Time-  3:30 - until Eastern Daylight Time.
>All times are Eastern Daylight Time
>1:30 P.M. Teachers  arrive. Enter into the front room
>1:30-2:30 Cynthia Lanius web presentation on big screen
>2:30 - 3:30 Hands-on exploration of web resouces in room with computers
>3:30-until Virtual Panel from various areas.
>Each summer the AAUW hosts approximately 20 award-winning teachers from
>across the country in a week-long institute. This year as part of the
>institute, EOT-PACI is hosting the teachers at the ACCESS Center for an
>afternoon GirlTECH session where they will focus on women in technology.
>The goal will be to inform teachers of the severe underrepresentation of
>women in technology and to encourage them to teach and counsel girls
>effectively in the area of technology.
>As a part of this, we will have a virtual panel of women from the 2
>partnerships. I would like each woman to talk about her own work and
>experiences in the
>field and opportunities available to young women today, and any other
>relevant issues.  ( 5 or 10 minutes if we have good representation) Then
>we'll take questions from the teachers.
>If there are any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
>Thanks again everyone, so much for your help,

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