IGRID demos

Steven I. Gordon sgordon at osc.edu
Mon Jul 17 08:42:08 CDT 2000

OSC will participate on Tuesday and Wednesday

At 04:38 PM 7/13/00 -0500, Terry Disz wrote:
>I am trying to finalize demos, audiences and presenters for the IGRID AG
>event from Japan next week. I know about the following participants
>Kansas - Audience
>Maui - Audience
>Boston ­ JTVH presenting
>Utah  - Audience
>Argonne ­ VIZ demo, Audience
>Nestor - presenter
>Steve Tuecke - presenter
>Maybe Sandra or someone from systems ­ presenter ­ Chiba city talk?
>Audiences are important to provide AG interaction - questions to presenters,
>field comments from show floor visitors, etc.
>The times  (CDT) are
>Press Tour ­ Monday 12:00 midnight to 2:00 am
>Demos   - Tuesday and Wednesday, 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm
>If the presenters limit themselves to about 15 minutes, each person would
>need to demo about 4 times over the 3 days. Of course, we don’t know how
>much time we will need to devote to audience interaction and conversing with
>visitors on the show floor in Japan, so things could change dramatically.
>Will everyone named above confirm by return email your availability for
>these three nights? Anyone I have missed, also please let me know of your
>interest in participating either as audience or speaker.
>I will provide a tentative schedule after we confirm who can be present
>Thanks very much,

Steven I. Gordon
Ohio Supercomputer Center

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