Call for Participation: AG in Japan

Lisa Childers childers at
Sat Jul 8 20:20:35 CDT 2000


Argonne's porta-AG node is heading to Yokohama, Japan, and will be installed
in the iGrid booth at the iNet conference.  We are looking for a few good
AGers to join us on-grid during these times:

Slot1, Press Tour:  11:30pm-2am CDT on 7/17-18 (1:30-4pm 7/18 in Japan)
Slot2:  8pm-10:30pm CDT on 7/18 (10am-12:30pm 7/19 in Japan)
Slot3:  8pm-10:30pm CDT on 7/19 (10am-12:30pm 7/20 in Japan)

I have included an extra 30 minutes for system testing.  In other words, you
don't need to arrive earlier than the stated times: system testing is built
in to the schedule.

In recognition of our shared experience in Japan, I will endeavor to find a
cool Japanese souvenir for each of the night owls who chooses to

It'll be great fun... please email me with your times if you are able to
join us.  Also, if you are interested in giving a live presentation, let me

For those of you who want to participate, but are unavailable for the live
sessions, please join me in the windmer venue (with your NTP-synched
machines!) on Tuesday July 11th at 1:30 CDT for a voyager jam session.  I
will moderate a general discussion on the AG, and record it for playback in

Domo arigatoo!

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