scan converters

Bob Olson olson at
Fri Jul 7 13:39:17 CDT 2000

> does vic also support a codec with better resolution?  if so, we could 
> run a separate intantiation of vic on a separate multicast group for
> "higher resolution" transmission.

Not currently. This is high on our list of things we want/plan to do.

> however, the vnc solution may not give you adequate framerate on
> animations or multimedia presentations.  (i suppose the "right" solution
> to multimedia is to run a multicast-enabled multimedia server with
> real time streaming....RealMedia, QuickTime, etc.?)

Probably. Or make the animations be something that can be distributed
(mpegs, etc) and started up at each site, first by hand by nodeop, later
by the AG software.


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