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Lisa C. Childers childers at
Tue Jul 4 18:06:38 CDT 2000


Can you be more specific about the problems you are having with vnc?  
Using vnc during the globus tutorial was intuitive and easy.


On Tue, 4 Jul 2000, Michael Grobe wrote:

> hello:
> the various complexities of using VNC for screen-sharing demos 
> got me to thinking about alternatives.
> has anyone tried using scan converters for these demos?
> that is, in more detail:
>    use a scan converter to take the VGA signal from a laptop
>    or workstation and convert it to composite video for the
>    video capture card for normal broadcast over the grid.
> this would be MUCH simpler than the VNC approach (especially the
> bi-level VNC approach invented by eric).  i suppose it would
> be considerably lower resolution, so it would be unusable for
> some demos or PPT slide sets.
> i have found a cheap scan converter...well, relatively cheap...
> $495 list price...i have a call in to see about an edu discount.
> for similar quality (VSC-75 or VSC-100) the Extron edu price 
> appears to be about $1000.
> the product is the CORIOscan Select from (
> (up to 1024x768, composite, s-video, and RGB output, ntsc and pal 
> switchable, scan rates up to 100KHz, etc.)
> if nothing else this MIGHT make a reasonable backup tool for VNC
> and dPPT, if it isn't good enough for general use.
> :michael grobe

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