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Thu Jan 27 10:15:54 CST 2000


I know -- you can't believe those crazy folks at MHPCC are once again sending
you a message! Notes for traveler follow the Meeting Schedule -- so scroll down
and read!!

MHPCC plans to have the Access Grid up and running to support the Alliance
Meetings next week. I have attached a list of meetings -- I know that folks from
NCSA and BU are planning on using the Grid to attend some of these meetings. If
other sites are planning to attend remotely please let me know. Please note the
time zone differences!!!

Meeting Dates/Times -- all meetings are at MHPCC.

GForce - Monday, Jan. 31, Steve Quinn is lead
	 8 am - 3 pm HST 
	 11 am - 6 pm MST
	 12 pm - 7 pm CST
	  1 pm - 8 pm EST

User Services - Monday, Jan. 31, Bruce Loftis is lead
	3 pm - 5pm HST
	6 pm - 8 pm MST
	7 pm - 9 pm CST
	8 pm - 10 pm EST

PACS - Tuesday, Feb 1, Frank Gilfeather is lead
	8 am - 5 pm HST
	11 am - 8 pm MST
	12 pm - 9 pm CST
	1 pm - 10 pm EST

PACS - Wednesday, Feb 2, Frank Gilfeather is lead
	8 am - 12 pm HST
	11 am - 3 pm MST
	12 pm - 4 pm CST
	1 pm - 5 pm EST

Chautauqua - Wednesday, Feb 3, Margaret Lewis is lead
	1 pm - 5 pm HST
	4 pm - 8 pm MST
	5 pm - 9 pm CST
	6 pm - 10 pm EST

VMR - Wednesday, Feb 3, Glenn Bresnahan is lead
	1 pm - 5 pm HST
	4 pm - 8 pm MST
	5 pm - 9 pm CST
	6 pm - 10 pm EST

Note -- there might be some conflicts with Chautauqua and VMR groups using the
Access Grid since these meetings are scheduled at the same time -- will need to
work on time share schedule and distribute next week.

Travel Notes:

I am hoping there is a break in the weather so all folks traveling can make
their flights out. If anyone has travel woes and needs to get in touch with me
this weekend please feel free to call me at home at 808-875-7449 or 808-875-1479
or by cell phone at 808-283-8270. 

If you are looking for transportation from Airport to Hotel or Condo -- grab a
Speedy Shuttle. They are an efficient and cost effective method of getting to
our area and are at the airport on a continuous schedule. Cabs are also

All meetings are at MHPCC. We will ask the Maui Prince to have a shuttle
available a 7:45 am Tuesday and Wednesday to bring folks to MHPCC and also
arrange for a return to the hotel. I can plan on picking up some folks from the
Maui Coast on Tuesday and Wednesday if needed -- please advise  me if you feel
you will need a ride to MHPCC. Condo folks are on their own.

We supply breakfast and lunch for meetings all meetings -- dinner is on your
own. We will provide lists of dinner places and Maui Prince Shuttle is available
to drop folks in the Kihei/Wailea area (check with front desk). Maui Coast is in
walking distance of a number of eating places. Condo folks could cook dinners
and invite the rest of us over???

I'll be glad to answer questions. Stay warm!



Margaret Lewis, AD of Marketing and Outreach
MHPCC, 550 Lipoa Parkway, Kihei, Maui, HI  96753
808-879-5077 ext. 249 (voice)	808-879-5018 (fax)
mlewis at

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