[AG-TECH] Multicast to Alaska

Bob Huebert huebert at arsc.edu
Thu Dec 14 14:33:27 CST 2000

Hi All,

   Our node is up and functioning, but unable to join the Abilene 
multicast groups. Seems we have a tunnel to a DREN site which doesn't 
provide the path that we need to join the Access Grid with our node. 
I understand that there are efforts underway to enable multicast on 
the DREN, but until that time I'd like to see if we could find a 
tunnel which would lead to Abilene. Is there another AG site which 
would consider providing a tunnel to Alaska?


Bob Huebert                                 email: huebert at arsc.edu
HPC Visualization Systems Analyst           voice: (907) 474-5751
Arctic Region Supercomputing Center           FAX: (907) 474-5494
University of Alaska Fairbanks                WWW: http://www.arsc.edu/

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