Call for Speakers for AG technical retreat

Rick Stevens stevens at
Thu Dec 7 12:40:50 CST 2000

Great Dan...

At 09:53 AM 12/7/2000 -0600, Daniel Sandin wrote:
>Evl would like to present on AGAVE Access Grid Augmented with Virtual 
>A deployable system utilizing PCs, passive polarization, front 
>projection,CAVElib and CAVERNsoft will be
>We definitely could use a 20 to 30 minuet slot.
>The presenter would be Dan Sandin  and perhaps others from EVL.
>At 10:24 AM 12/5/00 -0600, Rick Stevens wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>I'm now starting in earnest to plan the program for the AG technical 
>>retreat.. it now
>>looks like we will have a AG tutorial prior to the retreat and a small AG 
>>human factors
>>workshop after the retreat.   At this point I'm looking for people 
>>interested in
>>presenting short topical papers at the retreat on technical topics 
>>related to the AG.
>>On the agenda we can provide 5-10 minute idea spots to 20-30 minute slots 
>>for making detailed technical
>>proposes or reporting on technical results using the AG.  Please propose 
>>speakers and topics.  The
>>retreat format will include both presentations and time for informal 
>>A Partial List of Topics include:
>>1. Improving AG Usability and User Interfaces
>>2. Integrating 3D Graphics Capabilities to the AG
>>3. Distributed AG Servers and Peer-to-Peer Services
>>4. AG Security Models and Integration with Globus GSI Services
>>5. Lower Cost Implementation Technologies for AG (Game Platforms, etc.)
>>6. Performance Evaluation and Networking Utilization
>>7. Bandwidth Management for the AG
>>8. Multicast Engineering for supporting the AG
>>9. Group-Oriented Collaboration Models
>>10. New AG enabled Tools
>>11. Improved AG Audio, including spatialization and private audio 
>>channels, etc.
>>12. Network Quality of Service Needs for AG
>>13. AG Software Architecture
>>14. Interoperability with H.323 systems
>>15. Applications specific requirements for AG (e.g. medical, paleontology)
>>16. Portable AG nodes and infrastructure
>>17. Integrating Wearable with AG and Field Operations
>>18. AG Recording and Playback Strategies
>>19. Middleware Requirements
>>20. Support for Asynchronous Collaboration
>>21. Integration of AG with ActiveSpaces and Tiled Displays
>>22. many more topics
>>We will be producing a proceedings document for the meeting and are 
>>groups to prepare short 3-5 page position papers and PPT presentations 
>>for inclusion
>>in the proceedings.
>>If you are interested in talking about a topic please send me your 
>Daniel J. Sandin
>Director, Electronic Visualization Laboratory (M/C 154)
>The University of Illinois at Chicago
>851 S. Morgan St. Rm 1120 SEO
>Chicago IL 60607-7053
>ph) 312-996-3002
>fax) 312-413-7585
>dan at

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