ARSC Access Grid contact information

Bob Huebert huebert at
Tue Dec 5 19:27:57 CST 2000

Hi Mary,

   Here is the contact information for our AG node at ARSC

Arctic Region Supercomputing Center

Technical services:
   Bob Huebert (Primary)
       email: huebert at
       voice: 1-907-474-5751
    textpage: 9074520150 at

   Steve Munk (Windows guy)
       email: munk at
       voice: 1-907-474-6241

User services
   Roger Edberg (Operations)
       email: edberg at
       voice: 1-907-474-5568

Both Roger and myself are subscribed to the ag-tech list. I'd like 
Steve (munk at to be added to the list also. Could some kind 
soul (Bob, Terry?) make this happen?

Currently, our AG equipment is being installed, wired, and 
configured. The room that we have as a primary local venue is not due 
to be completed until just after the first of the year. We will be 
using the AG console in standalone mode until the venue is ready. The 
core equipment is housed within a 3-wide 19" rack low profile console 
on wheels. Its turned out to be rather heavy, but fitting the AGN 
into the space we were granted required us to include esthetics in 
our solution. Here is a current look at our gear - (Thanks to Terry 
for the signage!)


Bob Huebert                                 email: huebert at
HPC Visualization Systems Analyst           voice: (907) 474-5751
Arctic Region Supercomputing Center           FAX: (907) 474-5494
University of Alaska Fairbanks                WWW:
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