Call for Speakers for AG technical retreat

Rick Stevens stevens at
Tue Dec 5 10:24:22 CST 2000

Hi all,

I'm now starting in earnest to plan the program for the AG technical 
retreat.. it now
looks like we will have a AG tutorial prior to the retreat and a small AG 
human factors
workshop after the retreat.   At this point I'm looking for people 
interested in
presenting short topical papers at the retreat on technical topics related 
to the AG.
On the agenda we can provide 5-10 minute idea spots to 20-30 minute slots 
for making detailed technical
proposes or reporting on technical results using the AG.  Please propose 
speakers and topics.  The
retreat format will include both presentations and time for informal 

A Partial List of Topics include:

1. Improving AG Usability and User Interfaces
2. Integrating 3D Graphics Capabilities to the AG
3. Distributed AG Servers and Peer-to-Peer Services
4. AG Security Models and Integration with Globus GSI Services
5. Lower Cost Implementation Technologies for AG (Game Platforms, etc.)
6. Performance Evaluation and Networking Utilization
7. Bandwidth Management for the AG
8. Multicast Engineering for supporting the AG
9. Group-Oriented Collaboration Models
10. New AG enabled Tools
11. Improved AG Audio, including spatialization and private audio channels, 
12. Network Quality of Service Needs for AG
13. AG Software Architecture
14. Interoperability with H.323 systems
15. Applications specific requirements for AG (e.g. medical, paleontology)
16. Portable AG nodes and infrastructure
17. Integrating Wearable with AG and Field Operations
18. AG Recording and Playback Strategies
19. Middleware Requirements
20. Support for Asynchronous Collaboration
21. Integration of AG with ActiveSpaces and Tiled Displays
22. many more topics

We will be producing a proceedings document for the meeting and are encouraging
groups to prepare short 3-5 page position papers and PPT presentations for 
in the proceedings.

If you are interested in talking about a topic please send me your suggestion..



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