AG Reservation for ALLTEL demo

Nickolas S. Jovanovic nsjovanovic at
Fri Dec 1 12:26:20 CST 2000


Could you reserve the Full Sail room for this afternoon, 3-4 p.m. CST?

UALR is going to demonstrate the AG for an executive from ALLTEL
Communications, Inc., Little Rock. We're also looking for volunteers
at various sites to talk to. Here are more of the details...

>On Friday, December 1, between 3-4 p.m., CST, UALR will be
>the AG for Shannon M. Leach, Vice President-Networking Planning,
>ALLTEL Communications, Inc., based in Little Rock, AR. ALLTEL is the
>largest wireless telephone company in the United States. Areas under
>Mr. Leach's direction include the long range network planning and
>evolution of ALLTEL's wireless and wireline, voice and data networks;
>is also responsible for product development-researching and for
>developing new products and services.


-Nick Jovanovic

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