multicast down at ku, may explain utah outage as well

Rogier, Gordon grogier at
Tue Aug 29 15:02:09 CDT 2000

the multicast services via GPN and Abilene are down at KU.  it appears to be
a problem with mroute-cache issues between some interfaces on the Abilene
KSCY router.  GPN (specifically me) is working with Abilene to resolve the
issue.  but it also appears to me that the utah-beacon at is
being effected by this same problem (and would reason from Abilene routing
topology that this would be expected). just wanted the utah folks to know.

btw, GPN could route around this issue in the KSCY Abilene router (by using
our second connection to Abilene mcast service in Minnesota), but at this
time we have determined that there is no critical reason to do so.  doing
this would also complicate resolution analysis steps.

Gordon Rogier, grogier at, 785-864-0381
Network Design Specialist
NTS, University of Kansas, 1736 Engel Road, Lawrence, KS  66045-3843

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