Robert Olson olson at
Tue Aug 29 09:57:30 CDT 2000

The configuration depends somewhat on what you are planning on 
transmitting. If you are just sending local talks, you can split the video 
from the presenter camera to go to both the video capture box and to your 
realmedia server. If you are going to do multicamera local stuff, you'll 
need a switcher unless you get a capture card with multiple inpts and an 
internal switcher.

For the audio, you should connect a gentner output to the RM server. Then 
you can do things like route network audio to the RM server as well as 
local microphone audio.

(I'm assuming that the RM stuff would be served off its own machine..)


At 10:36 AM 8/29/2000 -0400, Jennifer Teig von Hoffman wrote:
>We're thinking about setting up RealMedia capability on the BU AG node
>(ie, setting up a RealMedia server which could take the same audio and
>video feeds we're feeding into vic and rat and sending them out over
>RealMedia as well). I've had a bit of advice from Al Bautista, who
>was involved in such a set-up at ACCESS-DC, and realize that some sort of
>video-switching device may be necessary.
>Does anybody else have experience with setting up RealMedia for an AG
>node? Any/all advice would be very much appreciated.
>- Jennifer

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