VIC .RTPdefaults problem

Robert Olson olson at
Thu Aug 24 14:38:24 CDT 2000

I believe the fix is to put the information in, accept, then quit that vic. 
The defaults are written when the program exits. A stop all / start all 
with start them all with the new information (which isn't used anyway, 
since the VV software sets the username).

At 11:33 AM 8/24/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>EVL is attempting to multicast and is using virtual venue software.  After
>going through the necessary steps to start up the virtual venue software
>and log on to the venues webpage, VIC will request that the name and
>e-mail information for each video image that we have.  This occurs
>regardless of how many times we have gone through this process before.
>Upon viewing the .RTPdefaults file, it seems as though the information is
>saved there.  My question is why VIC will not use the data stored there
>via vrm-eventlistener (since I am assuming that this is what is
>controlling the launching of VIC).
>Allan Spale
>UIC EVL node-op

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