projection screens

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Fri Aug 11 17:31:50 CDT 2000

Hi Michael,

We at Argonne have some experience building rear-projected screens, however
this is not particularly difficult if you are not using any mirrors.
Mirrored systems (aimed at shrinking the space behind the screen) are
commercially available in some array dimensions.  However, we specialize in
tiled, overlapped, rear-projection screens, which have some particular

We're happy to talk with you, and discuss options.  From what I hear, the
screen used at HPDC for the keynote was very well liked, performed
excellently and was very fast to setup and take down (a concern if your node
moves alot).


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we are interested in building a large, back-projected screen.

i looked on the AG site for information on screens, frames and
projectors, but didn't find anything....

is such info available?

:michael grobe

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