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Multicast add-in for PowerPoint 97

*Updated 10/13/99 - version 1.1*


The Multicast add-in for PowerPoint 97/2000 allows a presenter to multicast
PowerPoint slides, including animations and effects, to a group of viewers.

    * You must have Windows 95,98 or NT 4. PowerPoint 97 or 2000 must be
    * Windows 95 users must have
    <>Winsock 2 installed. 
    * Simply unzip
    zip>version 1.1 in the directory of your choice. 
    * The following files will be created:  
> mppt.exe - used to launch presenter or viewer 
> mpptPres.ppa - VBA code for presenter 
> mpptView.ppa - VBA code for viewer 
> mppt.dll - support library for presenter/viewer 
> Fcast.dll - support library for Fcast


If PowerPoint is running, it must be closed.

To send: mppt <MAddr> <MPort> <LAddr> <LPort> <TTL> <MaxRate> <Presentation>
To view: mppt <MAddr> <MPort> <LAddr> <LPort> <TTL>

<MAddr> - multicast IP address for the slide master
<MPort> - port number for slide master
<LAddr> - multicast IP address for the live slides
<LPort> - port number for live slides
<TTL> - Time to live for ECSRM packets
<MaxRate> - maximum rate in kbps to send at
<Presentation> - name of PowerPoint presentation to multicast

mppt will launch PowerPoint and start the presenter/viewer. A menu item
"Multicast Slide Show" is added to the "tools" pull-down menu. This item may be
selected to re-start, in the case that cancel is selected.

When PowerPoint is closed, the original presconf.dll is restored, and the
"Multicast Slide Show" menu item is removed. The "restore" option is only
included in case of some failure; normally you will not need to use it.

    * This is not a supported Microsoft product; it is a research prototype
    only. All comments, questions, etc. should be directed to
    <mailto:jgemmell at>Jim Gemmell only. 
    * The software will not work with read-only presentations. The receiver
    not have a read-only presentation open when starting from the menu. 
    * The IGMP implementation in NT 4 will not allow you to explicitly drop out
    of a multicast group; packets will continue to be forwarded for several
    minutes until a timeout occurs. This is fixed in SP4. Note: this problem
    does not exist in the
    <>Winsock 2 installation for
    Windows 95. This problem will not prevent the add-in from working. However,
    it means that after dropping the slide master group packets will continue
    to be forwarded needlessly for some time. 

    * 5/12/98 - Version 1.0  
    * 5/27/98 - Version 1.01 - fixed bug with 0's in addresses not allowed 
    * 6/2/98 - Version 1.02 - fixed bug with obtaining IP address on
Windows 95.
    * 6/10/98 - Version 1.03 - added some messages to aid debugging and updated
    IP address solution to make it faster in normal case.  
    * Previous to version 1.1, this software replaced the presconf.dll file in
    the office directory each time it runs, then restored the orginal when
    complete. If somehow this file is not restored, you will not be able to use
    the regular PowerPoint 97 conferencing feature. The file is backed up as
    presconf_orig.dll in office directory. Here is a copy of the
    * 10/13/99 - Version 1.1 - mppt now an ActiveX control, so no need to
    overwrite any PowerPoint DLLs. 
Brought to you by the Microsoft Bay Area Research Center
e/>Telepresence Group



The Multicast PowerPoint Add-in uses two reliable multicast protocols:
for "live slides" (slides that are sent as the presentation happens, with
pre-sending of the next anticipated slide), and Fcast
<>Word) for the "slide
master" (the background, font, etc. used throughout the presentation). The
slide master is sent on one multicast group (address), and the live slides are
sent on another.

When a receiver starts, it joins the slide master group until it receives the
entire slide master. Then it drops out of the slide master group and joins the
live slide group for the duration of the presentation.

Control information to flip slides, do animations, etc. is send on the live
slide channel.

For more information see: A Scalable Multicast Architecture for One-to-many

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