ncsa multicast fixed

Tony Rimovsky tony at
Fri Nov 12 20:03:30 CST 1999

Thanks to the assistance of people at Juniper networks and MCI/vBNS, as well
as suggestions from Bill Nickless at ANL, I managed to get the multicast
routing infrastructure rebuilt.

NCSA's environment is now converted PIM Sparse-Mode internally and is
MBGP/MSDP peering with the vBNS using the M40.  Hosts are able to connect to
the access-grid multicast sessions and both send and receive traffic.  Tests
should be done this weekend after the SCinet vBNS connection comes up to
make sure new problems haven't cropped up and to check performance.

All NCSA access-grid hosts should move off of the ANL unicast/multicast
bridge by Monday morning at the latest.

Jon/Patrick/Bill, feel free to call me at home (217-586-3416) this weekend
when the SC99 network is to a point where we can run some tests.  I'll leave
the source subscribed to and transmiting video
from my office.


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