NSF ITR for AG related reseach

Rick Stevens stevens at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Nov 12 15:49:02 CST 1999

We are definitely a go for an NSF ITR proposal... I've cleared up my 
slots..  I can PI this from University of Chicago.

There were some questions about eligibility and funding on these proposals..

 From the NSF announcement only U.S Education Institutions and Non-Profits 
(but not FFRDCs)
are eligible.  Also we have heard that CISE is expecting that most of the 
budget will
be used to support students directly involved in the research and related 
but that they are less likely to fund regular scientific staff, full time 
programmers etc.
Faculty can get summer support etc..

Some of you have already sent me a list of names and areas of interests.. 
I'm looking
for a short paragraph describing the research problem(s) you are interested 
in so
I can draft a LOI that captures the scope of the project.. If you haven't 
already done
so please send me this ASAP, and your specific university affiliation (or 
the eligible CO-I name for reference).. I expect that we will run the 
budget from UC with subcontracts to
the other universities...



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