Fwd: Re: FW: Ohio is Migrating to H.323 Video for Instruction

Tom Coffin tcoffin at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Mon Nov 1 08:38:07 CST 1999

I believe Charlie Catlett sent out a pointer to
this material way back when we were introduced
to the Agrid. If it is the same material, it has
evolved into a really nice web site. 


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   >>If you haven't seen it yet, SURA funded a group called ViDe. They
   >>a cookbook and white paper on Video and it can be found at  www.sura.org.
   >>The cookbook is already slated to be updated and an annual ViDe meeting
   >>(this will be the third) is tentatively scheduled for March at the
   >>Center for Advanced Telecommunications (GCAT) in Atlanta. The cookbook
   >>discusses the how to and the white paper evaluates vendors.
   >>Any questions, please direct them to Ed Price at Gatech. He's at
   >>ed.price at oip.gatech.edu
   >>Sue Fratkin

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