Fwd: Urgent Notification to the MBONE Group

Rick Stevens stevens at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Jun 30 08:07:37 CDT 1999

Mark, Bob, can you guys help out here.. perhaps by
sending in the specs for the AG nodes, flat panels,
cameras etc.. remember they have a very short fuse
to get this stuff loaded on the plane etc.

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>Chris, Rick, Hank,
>Here's a message I got yesterday - you can see the actions that are
>happening.  I'm going to send Chris' message to this group, since I think
>it could be very useful.  
>If there are any volunteers  to coordinate any of this, please jump in.  I
>don't know all the players, but I see several familiar  email faces.  
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>>Subject: Urgent Notification to the MBONE Group
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>>Medical consultants have advised NSF to execute an airdrop of supplies
>>to South Pole Station as the recommended means to manage the medical
>>NSF is immediately implementing planning for an air drop of necessary
>>supplies via a USAF C-141 STARLIFTER to be sourced from McChord AFB.
>>Planning will proceed expeditiously - liftoff is has not been definatively
>>set, but
>>could occur as early as 2 July (Friday this week).
>>The Medical consultants have advised that video teleconferencing is
>>an important facet of on-going treatment to support patient-doctor
>>and monitoring of the treatment phase.  On-going teleconsults will be
>>to the physician of record who is located at Indiana University.  VTC and
>>neworking access at Indiana Univ. is presently unknown, but the assumption
>>is that this can be worked independently of establishing VTC at South Pole
>>We have a very limited opportunity to inject any hardware/software via the
>>airdrop to facilitate future VTC's irrespective of what we accomplish in the
>>term based on our conversations to date.  
>>I ask the group to quickly converge on a
>>list of recommended hardware/software and peripherials that would be used to
>>faciliate high quality Internet based video teleconferencing.  This can
>>the computer itself, camera, video/audio cards, patch cables, microphones,
>>headsets, speakers, software, etc.  This will be dropped from an aircraft
>>flying around 1000 ft, so no CRT computer monitors would be involved.  Any
>>special considerations for partial disassebly for packing to survive the
>>would need to be noted, which might affect recommendations on specific
>>I also ask a volunteer from the group to step up and serve as the technical
>>on coordinating the definition of the list.
>>The consolidated list will be orchestrated via the NSF prime support
>>Antarctic Support Associates.  ASA will be the central procurement agent for
>>all hardware/software that has to be purchased.  Ready availability (ie,
>>outlet and/or overnight mail express mail order) is a paramount
>>The Director of ASA Information Systems has been briefed on this situation,
>>he will be standing by for the receipt of the list.
>>Once a firm date for aircraft lift-off is set, this will be forwarded to the
>>group. In
>>the interim, plan as if it would be 2 July.
>>Pat Smith
>>Patrick D. Smith
>>    Manager, Technology Development, Polar Research Support
>>National Science Foundation
>>Office of Polar Programs
>>4201 Wilson Blvd. Room 755
>>Arlington, VA   22230
>>Tel:  +01 703 306 1032, Ext. 7341        Fax:  +01 703 306 0139
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