multicast TTL settings

Bill Nickless nickless at
Mon Jun 28 11:13:32 CDT 1999

At 08:45 AM 6/25/99 -0400, Charles vonLichtenberg wrote:
>Hi Robert et. al.-
>I will work with the folks here locally to resolve this, but as an FYI
>I believe this problem is due to their threshold setting which should be 
>increased to 128. I believe it is currently set to 16 which will restrict 
>their broadcast to just our campus.


You're using TTL=128 as the get-offsite threshhold?  Interesting.


Based on what I've seen from the setups here, Argonne uses the TTL 32
threshold to get offsite to agency networks like vBNS and NREN, and I think
TTL 64 to get to commercial networks that do multicast peering with us.

It may be that each site will have their own policy for what the TTL needs
to be in order to participate, so this is one of the pieces of information
each site will need to provide.
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