Report on Linux-supported sound cards

Robert Olson olson at
Mon Jun 28 07:35:22 CDT 1999

At 11:47 AM 6/27/99 -0600, Paul Hubbard wrote:
>I found an excellent web page devoted to audio quality under Linux, URL is 
>Based on this page and my own experience, the Yamaha YMF724 (aka WaveForce
>192XG) would be a decent choice; they're about ~30USD locally and have
>excellent sound; I use them at home with good results.

Cool. Have you found linux drivers for them or is this under Windows? I
find the following in the OSS readmes:

>Release notes for the Yamaha XG PCI driver
>This driver is compatible with the PCI based YMF7xx chips made by Yamaha. In
>particular this driver supports YMF724, YMF735 and YMF740. 
>This driver is a separately priced option to OSS. In addition to the base
>you will need to select this "YMH" option when ordering your permanent OSS
>At this moment the XG PCI driver is a BETA test version and only audio
> and
>recording works. However there may be problems with certain applications.
>is not supported yet.
>For the time being the hardware wave table features of this chip are not
>supported (there are no plans for this feature in near future).
>Support for audio playback the external MIDI port should be released soon.

Looks like we'd have to wait on using the OSS drivers (cf for the list of supported software). I
don't see this card listed in the OSS/Free or ALSA docs.


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