network problems

Robert Olson olson at
Wed Jun 23 16:58:59 CDT 1999

>That's a very differnt requirement than the general network weather map.

Yup :-)

>The current rtpmon forks off from vic/vat and monitors a single RTP
>session. Are you interested in monitoring ALL sesssions? 

We're interested in monitoring the RTP channels that are active as part of
an Access Grid session.

>The rtpmon may not be doing this, but it seems to me that estimating the
>receiver bandwidth is possible just by looking and combining the sender
>reports and receiver reports. (RFC 1889 Session 6.3.4).

Yup. We're just missing a tool to do it for us :-)

>I haven't used it, but "pathchar" by Van Jacobson is the one that is close

Ah, right. We should probably do some experiments and map out the path
characteristics between the nine sites in the access grid.


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