NanoCruise 1 Goal Sheet

Mark Hereld hereld at
Wed Jun 23 15:46:40 CDT 1999

[Pardon the blast to the accessgrid mailing list.  We haven't got a complete enough ag-tech list and we don't want to miss anybody who needs to know.]

NanoCruise 1:  "Group Audio"

Tomorrow from 1 to 3 PM CDT (Thursday, June 24) we'll be hammering away at the audio.  We made several discoveries during the Test Cruise that need to be propogated out to the rest of the AG site list.  More recently, we've tweaked settings on the echo cancelling gear.  And finally, we need to spin more of the sites up to the current state. Kudos to Gazula and Ghafour (of Kentucky) for pushing ahead on their node experimentation so aggressively. Here's the breakdown:

[ACCESS-DC: Tom Coffin]  Target's are vic participation in the NanoCruise with phone link into audio through our echo gear (unless he can get audio up and running on his hardware).

[BU: Robert Putnam, Wayne Gilmore, Russ Wolf]  Targets are vic and rat participation in the NanoCruise.  Do you guys have the VoiceCrafter yet?  If so, we'll be able to spin you up on the current best settings, etc..  If not, and audio is a problem, we can try to have you phone into our other VoiceCrafter in the same way that we're hoping to connect Tom Coffin.

[UKy: Vikram Gazula, Ghafour Taghizadeh] and
[UNM: Ken Segura, John Greenfield, Paul Hubbard] and
[ANL: Bob Olson, Lisa Childers, Terry Disz, Mark Hereld] Push state out to ACCESS-DC and BU.  Experiment with new VoiceCrafter settings (new as of this week).  Try to advance to 3 (or more!) sites with high quality, drop-out free audio -- to build on the 2 site success of last week.

[Utah: ]  and
[NCSA: ]  and
[GA Tech: ] and
[EVL: ] Begin the process.


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