Audio bridge host

Bob Olson olson at
Tue Jun 22 11:19:12 CDT 1999

Hey ...

we moved the video bridge to a different machine, since we were seeing
some badness when it shared a machine with the audio bridge. 

The command to connect is now

	vtc ag agtest

Audio remains on putnam

	vtc agaudio agtest

We are in the midst of a demo with State of Illinois folks, so if you
connect, please don't transmit. Feel free to listen in tho.

BTW, we're demoing AG stuff between our two nodes and with Nestor over
at the TPM lab, and it is all working very well. Learned some audio
tricks that I'll send mail about in a bit (main one: if audio goes
weird as time goes by, try disabling autoadapt in the voicecrafter).


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