Multicast Tests, and Bridging

Bob Olson olson at
Fri Jun 11 12:09:38 CDT 1999

I'm advertising a session in sdr from Session name
is "Access Grid". If you've got sdr and you can see the session,
that's a good thing (means multicast from ANL is reaching you). If you
can't see it, or you don't have sdr, you can try it out by running

	vic -t 127

I'm transmitting video from

I've also got a multicast/unicast bridge running. You can find
information on the Fermi Multisession Bridge at

To join the session, install the bridge software (you'll just need
vtc), and make sure vic is in your path. Then run

	vtc ag agtest

This should start up a vic pointing at putnam, and you should see my
video (and anyone else's who is joined). To see the list of members,
even those who aren't sending, click on the vic Menu button (at the
bottom of the main window). A menu window will  come up. Then click on
the Members button at the bottom of that. It'l show the people who are
attached to the session.


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