Another Chautauqua Well Done

Margaret Lewis mlewis at
Wed Aug 25 08:16:07 CDT 1999

Many thanks to all for the great job supporting the UKY Chautauqua! This event
would not have happened without the hard work of the tech team. 

ANL -- many thanks again for being the "wizard behind the curtain." Your
attention to details -- and willingness to scramble to fix technical problems
was once again impressive.

Access Center -- once again a masterful job of being a remote site. The tour was
very impressive -- wonderful camera work (better than the Blair Witch Project). 

NCSA -- many thanks for providing a remote audience and an excellent level of
interchange between folks on your side and remote speakers. Your level of
participation added significantly to the event.

UNM -- thanks for your continued support --- getting folks to attend remote
sessions and being on line to advise and consult! The success of the UKY
Chautauqua was based on the success of your event. 

MHPCC -- your addition to the remote sites was a real crowd pleaser. Everyone
enjoyed sunrise on Maui -- great camera placement! Thanks for your early
mornings to support the event.

BU -- great to have you sponsoring a remote speaker and remote audiences.  Also,
providing Russ to support the UKY Access Grid team was much appreciated. 

Once again -- many thanks for your support. Onward to Boston!

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