Boston University multicast working now

Richard Coffey richardc at
Tue Aug 24 12:34:54 CDT 1999

My AV2 machine died while beaconing... ;-( Would you like me to run the
beaon on another machine?

Richard ;-)

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At 09:49 AM 8/24/99 -0400, Kevin Thompson wrote:
>i stand corrected. i don't know why anl sent source-specific joins to vbns
>for the BU sources all of a sudden when the vbns is not correctly
>advertising the BU sa's to anl via msdp. i have been clearing state on
>several routers in the midst of this happening, but that should not have
>fixed it.

ANL appears to be getting MSDP SAs from vBNS:

Kiwi#show calendar
13:54:54 UTC Tue Aug 24 1999
Kiwi#show ip msdp sa-cache | include 128.197
(,, RP, MBGP/AS 145,
(,, RP, MBGP/AS 145,
(,, RP, MBGP/AS 145,
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