MHPCC is back on the Access Grid

Margaret Lewis mlewis at
Tue Aug 17 21:48:09 CDT 1999


Today when you come in you should notice that MHPCC is back on the Access Grid.
Our folks have set it up in more permanent (for the time being) location and
will begin to participate in testing and cruises. Our tech folks will send out a
message asking for sites to participate in a test. 

Lisa -- could you please add Jeff Ramacher jeffr at to the ag-tech list?
Also, please get him signed onto the mudd. Folks at Maui have promised to become

We won't have our echo cancellor initially -- but want to see if we can
participate in UKY Chautauqua. 

John Greenfield -- need you to help and advise us through this effort!!

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