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It would be great if you folks could get an AG node up and running.
However, all the nodes have been testing and working out local kinks for
several weeks, so giving yourself only a few days for testing (the UKY
chautauqua is on 8/23-24) is cutting it very close.  This is not to say it
can't be done.  The third chautauqua is in Boston on 9/14-15.

What gear do you have?  If you want to listen on an AG mbone audio session,
you will need to be running an alpha version of the rat audio tool which is
available on a limited number of platforms.  (AG specs include RH linux 6.0
for the audio and video machines.)  If you want to ask questions and
interact w/remote presenters, there will be issues to be worked out
regarding echo cancellation.  Needless to say, the sooner you folks practice
this stuff, the better. contains all
relevant AG technical links.

A very important first start is for EVL techies to join our community on the
AG mud.  Info on the mud can also be found at the url above.


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EVL should be able to participate in the next Chautauqua.
We will be testing toward the end of this week.

What should we do next?  We would  be happy to just be a remote audience,
or some light weight part. I know that the schedule has already been set.

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