UKY script--draft #1 ... Comments from Nestor

Tom Coffin tcoffin at
Tue Aug 17 11:51:04 CDT 1999

At 11:27 AM 8/17/99 -0500, Robert Olson wrote:
   >>But it does allow the remote  user complete screen control
   >>independent of platform of the viewer and presenter. I'm sure everyone
   >>knows about this, but thought I would add my 2 cents.
   >I've actually got some technical solutions to this in mind, that work if 
   >the original presentation is in ppt. One can make powerpoint export a
   >as a bitmap/jpeg at an arbitrary resolution, so given a presentation, one 
   >could export the whole thing as a series of images (including the 
   >transitions, I think). Then all we'd need is a simple viewer client that 
   >would show the images, and accept either local input for a master, or 
   >remote slide-change events for a client. This could be done via a shared 
   >web browser as well.
   >Just a SMOP ...
   >(simple matter of programming)

That's what Tango does!

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