UKY script--draft #1 ... Comments from Nestor

Nestor J. Zaluzec Zaluzec at
Tue Aug 17 10:42:04 CDT 1999


An update to your script plus a few comments...

When you setup the Local Main Screen during the TPM demo on Day 2, you
will, in addition
to my  Mbone mugshot and PPT window,  need to setup a Live  NetScape
Navigator(not MSIE)
browser window on the main screen .

What I will be asking the local people to do is to look back and forth
between the
live Nestscape window and the power point presentation. I will also need a
local person
at UKY to remotely access the TPM  lab  and control the instrument via the
window based upon my commentary. I'll telll them what to do, but someone there
will need to initiate pushing the appropriate buttons on the screen.
Also  someone locally will have to change the PPT slides based upon audio
cues from me.

You can use the following public URL for setup and testing/sizing the WWW

for the actual meeting we will be using

these last  2 URL's  have access and floor control implemented
and I will turn on "guest access" on the day of the event. At the
same time I will turn off public control.

I will also revamp the PPT slides I used in UNM and get them to whomever.

Other Observations

During the UNM demo, I found it difficult to know how things were going
at the remote sites, since my only  view into the Chautauqua was
via  VIC windows. Remember I am be doing the presentation/demo from
my TPMlab, not the ANL multi-media or Futures Lab so I do not have the
advantage of seeing "all" the sites on a large screen.  This obviously
creates problems for a lone presenter like me.

Here are some of my observations/thoughts:

1.) As a speaker  I glean alot from the faces of the audience, I could not see
any of them effectively from any of my VIC screens.  By watching the
audience It allows me to change the flow of a talk/demo by gauging the audience
reaction. I've done lots of one-on-few sessions where I have a full head shots
of my participants, this allows me to interact effectively. The only audience
shots I had available during UNM were essentially useless.  The added problem
for me is obviously not enough landscape on my lone Mbone screen, but that
is a local problem.  Somehow we need to allow a lone remote presenter the
interaction with the audience. In the Future's Lab that is easy, but at a
site like mine it is not. Perhaps a slowing scanning video shot of the
front few rows of the audience on a predefined window would do the trick?

2.) It is also clearly important for a speaker to know what is on the main
screen at all times, again from my site  I could not tell if the slides
changed or
which Netscape window was  on screen.  The reason, no one thought to point a
wide angle camera at the master screen while I was talking. I should have
asked for this while I was speaking but since  we were behind schedule I
was rushing and did not think to do so.

I basically just  assumed that the local people heard my audio cues and
kept up with me.   As such I think it will help if a Camera/VIC window was
at the screen, even though it will be  largely illegible, I will be able to
tell if slides/views
are changing as I  talk the remote   sites through the live demo.

3.) Finally a global comment.

The remote operation of slides via a Windoze NT dppt protocol might need
to be reconsidered. Something more cross-platform like VNC   might be
appropriate to at least also evalutate / test out.  Certainly without any
Windoze machines
here in the TPMLab  dppt it doesn't do me any good. The obvious problem
with VNC
(or the commerical equivalents like  Timbuktu) is that they are dogs and
slow everyone down since it tends to  require complete screen redraws on
all sites. .
But it does allow the remote  user complete screen control
independent of platform of the viewer and presenter. I'm sure everyone
knows about this, but thought I would add my 2 cents.


>Here is the first draft of the script for our Chautauqua (thanks for the
>template, Ernie!), based on the agenda at the UKCCS Web site as shown 8/13.
> As occurred with the UNM script, I will forward updated versions as ours
>is corrected and refined.

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