Thursday, 12 Aug, 2 PM CST... Chautauqua1 Post-mortem

Barbara A. Kucera bkucera at
Wed Aug 11 10:00:39 CDT 1999

Kudos to the tech crew for the NM Chautauqua!  I think it was a great first
step and you are all to be congratulated for pulling it off.  Now, on to


At 05:16 PM 8/10/99 -0700, Mark Hereld wrote:
>At the risk of jinxing it all, I think that we all really pulled the
>AccessGrid together.  Despite some glitches, yesterday's demonstration went
>quite well.  The backchannel was quite well used, and many of the
>interactions went very smoothly.  We learned a lot.  And today it showed.
>The audio was exceptional for the most part, and I think we applied a great
>deal of experience to finding the best way to work with the network and
>tools to good effect.  To a large degree, I think that the tech disappeared
>into the background from the perspective of the meeting attendees.
>Exceptional performance, IMHO.
>We should get together and capture the lessons learned from this experience
>before they fade from our memories.  I suggest, after some small
>consultation on the mud, that we meet on the AccessGrid at 2 PM CDT on
>Thursday, 12 August, two days from today.
>If you participated in the tech support, please attend this meeting: your
>input is valuable.  Anybody else who witnessed the events is also welcome
>to participate.  Just head to your nearest AccessGrid Node and coordinate
>with the Local Node Operation Crew.

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