Thursday, 12 Aug, 2 PM CST... Chautauqua1 Post-mortem

Mark Hereld hereld at
Tue Aug 10 19:16:04 CDT 1999


At the risk of jinxing it all, I think that we all really pulled the
AccessGrid together.  Despite some glitches, yesterday's demonstration went
quite well.  The backchannel was quite well used, and many of the
interactions went very smoothly.  We learned a lot.  And today it showed.
The audio was exceptional for the most part, and I think we applied a great
deal of experience to finding the best way to work with the network and
tools to good effect.  To a large degree, I think that the tech disappeared
into the background from the perspective of the meeting attendees.
Exceptional performance, IMHO.

We should get together and capture the lessons learned from this experience
before they fade from our memories.  I suggest, after some small
consultation on the mud, that we meet on the AccessGrid at 2 PM CDT on
Thursday, 12 August, two days from today.

If you participated in the tech support, please attend this meeting: your
input is valuable.  Anybody else who witnessed the events is also welcome
to participate.  Just head to your nearest AccessGrid Node and coordinate
with the Local Node Operation Crew.


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