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There appears to be more than a bit of confusion.
The NCSA beacon is not being heard. We need to 
get a better handle on the NCSA situation.
Patricks machine appears to be on native multicast.
However, the beacon needs some attention.
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>perhaps i should add myself to the ag-tech list since tony's on vacation...
>i agree that the beacon shows ncsa/urbana as isolated, but i don't believe
>that is correct. since tuesday i've been using my desktop machine to
>participate in the access grid video session using native multicast. i've
>seen good performance excluding the vbns problems with the gsr in dng.
>is there something i'm missing. i came into this ag realm rather late in
>the game...
>i haven't spent as much time looking at ncsa/access and don't feel that i
>can talk articulately about it yet.
>On Fri, Aug 06, 1999 at 01:40:33PM -0500, Jon Dugan wrote:
>>   The answer is no, but do you want to add anything Patrick?
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>> Any progress?
>> lw
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>> >Subject: NCSA multicast status?
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>> >Any news on the status of multicast at NCSA/ACCESS & NCSA/Urbana?  Last I 
>> >heard there were router changes needed at DC; dunno what's happening with 
>> >Urbana.
>> >
>> >Both are islands, according to the beacon.
>> >
>> >--bob
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