Important Notice

Vikram Gazula gazula at
Tue Aug 3 09:17:50 CDT 1999

The UKy phone number for the mega cruise is (606)-338-2287.

On Thu, 29 Jul 1999, Lisa Childers wrote:

>                  !ALERT ALERT ALERT!
>           MEGACRUISE NEXT TUESDAY August 3rd
> Time tbd by UNM - keep the day open until you hear otherwise
> John Greenfield and the Merry Band at UNM have their auditorium for that
> day.  This is the dress rehearsal for the UNM chautauqua.
> You must attend this cruise with:
> 	* at least one well-composed video feed,
> 	* audio feed (sans echo!),
> 	* multicast beacon up and running at your site,
> 	* someone dedicated to watching and responding to the mud,
> 	* a telephone (if you don't have one in your space, bring a cell phone),
> 	* distributed PowerPoint capability
> 		- all should have the dist ppt client, JView and ppt installed
> 		- ACCESS DC and ANL: be prepared to drive a dist ppt presentation
> Start preparing now - don't wait to get your act together until Tuesday!
> Our window of opportunity for practicing in the auditorium is narrow.
> Please respond to this email with the phone number you will be using during
> the MegaCruise.
> Thanks,
> Lisa

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