[AG-DEV] IWClient GetStreams() call won't get unicast streams immediately after entering a venue?

Andrew Ford andrew.ford at rit.edu
Wed Apr 27 12:22:26 CDT 2011


I'm seeing some weird behavior - if I have a Venue Client in unicast
mode (listing the correct bridge addresses in the venue properties
window), GetStreams() on a VenueClient_client IW will return the
correct list of streams, with the unicast addresses being the primary.
However, if I do an EnterVenue call and immediately GetStreams() right
after (ie in an interpreter client.EnterVenue(url);
client.GetStreams()), it only lists the multicast address. Having some
space in between the calls (client.EnterVenue(url) and
client.GetStreams() on separate lines in an interpreter - I know this
makes no sense) doesn't have the issue so it's not just the subsequent
GetStreams() call that is wrong. Through the whole process the venue
client still appears to be in unicast mode with the correct addresses
listed in the properties window. Does anyone have any idea what could
be going on here?


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