[AG-DEV] AG3 Bridging

Andrew Patrick Andrew.Patrick at nrc-cnrc.gc.ca
Fri Mar 17 09:45:32 CST 2006

Supporting private bridges will be crucial for adoption of AG 3 around here, 
since AG 2 is currently used mostly within private venue servers and bridges.

Thomas D. Uram wrote:
> Okay.  I only wanted to write up the document to provide additional 
> detail about
> what it's doing and how it works overall.  Here's how you start it:
> Bridge3.py -p <port> -n <name> -l <location> -u 
> http://www.accessgrid.org/registry/peers.txt
> There are other options too, which you can see with Bridge3.py -h .
> The port is an incoming tcp port for outside communication with the 
> bridge. The name and
> location are as they have been previously.
> The way bridging works with AG3 is this:
> - There's a registry for bridges.  Bridges register with the registry, 
> and clients ask the registry
> for bridges; the registry cleans up its bridge list occasionally, so it 
> should only give working
> bridges to clients when they ask.
> - Clients make some network calls against the bridges they retrieve from 
> the registry to
> determine which is closest.  Then the client tells the bridge which 
> multicast addresses
> it needs bridged, and the bridge returns unicast addresses.
> - There is currently only a single registry.  We want to add others and 
> have them share
> p2p-style the bridge information, creating a widely-distributed registry 
> network for
> bridges, but we're not there yet.
> - This implies a _single_ network of bridges/registries.  It will be 
> possible in 3.0, though not
> obvious, to create a separate, private network of bridges, since some 
> communities might
> want to provide bridges to only their users.
> - We will later add some metadata for smartening up bridge choices, such 
> as cpu usage,
> network bandwidth, etc. to improve bridge selection, and some means of 
> identification
> to provide bridge access control.
> If you've read this far and have any comments on the design and plans, 
> I'd be happy to hear
> them.  I'm always willing to listen to the thoughts of smart people.
> Tom
> On 3/16/06 6:37 PM, Todd Zimmerman wrote:
>> Any hints would be appreciated... ;-) Don't need much - just a push in 
>> the right direction.
>> Thanks!
>> Todd
>> Thomas D. Uram wrote:
>>> Not yet, but it's on my short list to write one.
>>> On 3/16/06 4:24 PM, Todd Zimmerman wrote:
>>>> Hey all,
>>>> Saw a questions posted a while ago concerning bridging on AG3 and
>>>> didn't see a response.  Is there a
>>>> brief howto around for how to run a bridge to an AG3 server?
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Todd

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