AG Packaging 2.3 Beta

Thomas Uram turam at
Mon Aug 2 18:35:47 CDT 2004

An update for AG packagers:

We've been working through our test plans in preparation for the beta 
release of AGTk 2.3, and will continue to do so on Tuesday to try to get 
through them all and reach the confidence level needed for the release.  
You can see our testing progress on our internal wiki page:

We have been identifying some issues that need to be fixed for the beta, 
so the source is still somewhat in flux.  We'll send email directly to 
you when the beta code is ready, so you can build packages and make them 
available.  There may not be very much time between the notice we send 
to you and the general announcement of the beta; I don't see any way to 
avoid that, given last-minute testing. 

Meanwhile, if you find any issues in cvs, or have any questions, please 
let us know.  Thanks again for your packaging efforts!


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