application support

Rick Stevens stevens at
Fri Feb 28 07:13:23 CST 2003


as you are thinking about this.. keep in mind that we want the venue to be
able to do several things..  in addition to launching and coordinating
applications..  ideally we want it to be a proxy user for long running
applications (i.e. alow users to disconnect and reconnect later) for
example (screen like functionality at some level, though the HEP folks
want to have a agent interfaces as well).. this is important for workflow
applications that might run for days or weeks as they manage a flow of
applications and data resources..

Also there is a related concept that I think fits in with the applications
service and this is the ability for the venue to hold resource
reservations on behalf of users.  the idea here is that we use the venue
as a proxy user to hold a reservation say on a grid resources that can
then be used by users of that venue.


On Thu, 27 Feb 2003, Robert Olson wrote:

> app support started; teh basic set of calls are present as in the doc 
> (attached). The data channel stuff invokes the venue eventservice 
> AddChannel instead of doing a different implementation.
> It doesn't have the handlers set up yet for vectoring events around.
> --bob

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